The organic, vegan healthy-spirit and rebel among the functional and urban drinks section brings a lot of strength, will, drive and freshness! Green tea in an unprecedented staging and mixture truly breaks all tea conventions and does away with everything that has existed and exceeds all expectations and habits. A real biofuel – purely from nature and plants. The mixture of Japanese green tea, ginger, mint and lime brewed with the crystal clearest Upper Austrian spring water brings the taste buds into turmoil as they normally only know from your most intense orgasm. So that you become addicted and can’t think of any other feeling. Say #graviteavity to this new sensory perception. Say: Yes to a new generation of drinks.

Can be bought online all over Austria and in well-stocked stores:


# 100% natural
# 100% organic
# No artificial sweeteners
# No artificial additives
# No artificial coloring
# No artificial flavors
# No artificial preservatives


Green tea is rich in antioxidants and therefore a real fountain of youth. CHAi BiRDS – green tea is a BIOFUEL – it increases concentration and mental performance. CHAi BiRDS is a real power pack and ideal companion in everyday life or in times of increased exertion. The effect of green tea has been scientifically proven to be more sustainable and more forceful than with coffee or let alone chemical energy drinks.

# for a healthy cholesterol level
# stimulates the mood
# activates the digestion and serves as a weight loss aid
# is stress relieving
# increases brain power
# anti-aging effect
# regulates blood pressure


# has a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory effect
# strengthens the immune system
# inhibits allergic reactions, stomach problems and nausea
# stimulates brain function
# works against migraines & menstrual pain
# is a FAT-BURNER and lets you shed pounds
# strengthens the immune system


# has a detoxifying effect & reduces body odor
# reduces high blood pressure
# improves kidney function
# relieves depression
# reduces oxidative stress
# improves sleep
# has a positive effect on the nervous system


# refreshes: head, body, spirit and soul
# relieves depression
# soothes the digestive tract
# fights bad breath
# strengthens brain function
# DETOX effect
# purifies the blood
# relieves pain

CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK is the first edition of the new CHAi series within the ORGANIC POWER DRINK generation of drinks from CHiA BiRDS GmbH. The new products intend to give people back the necessary portion of strength – from nature and to make them aware that we should appreciate what mother nature has given us. CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK is a tea drink combined with other powerful superfoods: green tea, ginger, mint, lime … CHAi BiRDS – a selection of the strongest plants in the world combined in one drink.


CHAi BiRDS – a selection of the strongest plants in the world combined in a super cool, healthy and stylish drink. Something really different. Also perfect for mixing …

All ORGANIC POWER DRINKS are a natural power drink in organic quality. And vegan. Low in sugar and calories. The ORGANIC POWER DRINKS CHAi BiRDS & CHiA BiRDS have a purpose and a philosophy:

To give people back a bit of strength from nature and make what so-called chemical “energy drinks” promise come true – but not really redeem it due to their chemical composition.

PS: only birds can fly. anyway sometimes we appreciate to be grounded than to fly.

CHAi BiRDS equally combines a conscious, calorie-reduced, non-alcoholic and yet invigorating drink enjoyment.

CHAi BiRDS was chosen as the TASTE INNOVATION AWARD WINNER at the world’s largest food and beverage trade fair, the ANUGA in Cologne, and is now also presented at the BIO Fach – the largest international organic trade fair in 2018.

CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK is now available in sustainable, recyclable  cans, because the bottom line is that the beverage can is the most Co2-neutral and therefore the most environmentally friendly form of packaging in terms of its transportability.


CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK is the first edition of the new CHAi series within the successful ORGANIC POWER DRINK beverage generation from CHIA BiRDS GmbH (limited) with the demand bringing back natural power (organic power plant) back to mankind. CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK is a tea based refreshing power drink combined with other superfoods: ginger, mint, lime that give strength to body, mind and soul. A selection of the strongest plants ( combined in a well tasting drink.

CHAi BiRDS – finest selection of strengest plants on planet earth- combined in an awesome, healthy and fashionable, urbandrink. Something different. Something new. Perfect for mixing…

Award winning beverage of the ANUGA “great taste innovation” 2017:

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