GOODYFOODY CATERING & FOODTRUCK. RENT ME IF YOU CAN. Original only by CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK. #drinktruck #foodtruck #goodyfoody (C) The GOODYFOODY by CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK project has set itself the task of offering healthy, regional and seasonal food without the use of flavor enhancers, preservatives and flavorings. And that between Vienna and Berlin, between London and Zagreb – basically on your doorstep anyway. In almost all of Central Europe we serve our delicacies from the GOODYFOODY TRUCK under the motto: Creative, regional and seasonal but still unusual is our first choice and passion! Honesty, sustainability and attention to detail meats urban food style. Reduced to a maximum of taste, always optimized to a maximum of experiences, impressions, taste fireworks as well as unique, funny, crazy but always profound get-togethers. Fresh regional ingredients paired with a dash of (Upper) Austria, an urban touch of Berlin and a breeze of passion for fine cuisine result in a special kind of taste experience In addition to a variety of local (smaller) delicacies, our 24-hour hangover breakfast: a Hollywood-style Bud Spencer omelette – a farmer’s crepe with local ham, bacon and egg. and much more. When the “GOODYFOODY FOODTRUCK” by CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK rolls in, there are edible and drinkable delicacies of the special class. Always accompanied by entertainment in a class of its own: GOODY FOODY has its own radio program and programmed a music program that, in addition to food, also relies on vegan catchy tunes to guide its guests through the decades of the greatest hits. Are you interested in renting one of our food trucks or are you interested in a unique culinary highlight with a food truck? Or do you want to put your brand in a unique and emotional light at your trade fair, event, wedding, presentation or the like using a food truck? Simply contact us for inquiries by email: office (at) In addition to our magic drinks: CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK with “GOODYFOODY”, we offer a unique culinary FOODTRUCK ENTERTAINMENT & CATERING concept, which guarantees LOVE & HAND CRAFTED EVENTS with lots and lots of LOVE for LIFE & CULINARY (Z) ARIK. CULINARY CONCEPT GOODYFOODY INVENTOR DENIS RICHTER HAVE DOUBLE OLYMPIC WINNER MATTHIAS MAYER GUEST IN HIS FOODTRUCK: LINZ. In the summer of 2019, a very special event was held by the Linz beverage company Chai Birds with the food truck culinary concept Goodyfoody: Cooking in the food truck with and for double Olympic winner “Mothe” Matthias Mayer at the traditional summer festival in Afritz am See was the order of the day. GOODY FOODY CATERING INQUIRIES:

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Food truck as an event attraction “Our food truck is not only a great place for everyone who wants to eat well, but also a real highlight for every event, whether B2B or B2C, people are always very enthusiastic after they have visited us at the food truck”, said Judge. Cordiality meats urban food style. In general, the inventor of GOODYFOODY Denis Richter pays great attention to the quality and origin of the products used in his food truck. Healthy, freshly prepared dishes without the use of flavor enhancers, preservatives or flavorings. Mainly food from organic agriculture is used. The dishes are served in only recyclable packaging. “As far as we can, we will completely refrain from using plastic when shopping, in the kitchen and when serving food. Our tips are donated to various environmental organizations, ”concluded Richter. further information and inquiries by mail to: office (at)     OUR DNA: HEALTHY & HEALTHY & A BIT CRAZY. GOODYFOODY is far more than just satisfying needs. Our aim is to always make the meeting of people an unforgettable experience. And that for companies as well as for visitors and end consumers.     ECOLOGICAL: The dishes are served in only recyclable packaging. As far as we can, we will completely refrain from using plastic in shopping, in the kitchen and when serving food. Our tips are donated to various environmental organizations.   Our menus. As extensive and comprehensive as our horizon and our love for high-quality food and drinks:


Highlight: 24-Hours Detox Breakfast Omlette Bud Spencer Style: As we are not egoists and want to make our unique “GOODYFOODY” accessible to all food afficianados with tailor-made offers, we offer our culinary concept to companies in the form of tailor-made catering and event modules. If you are interested, send us an inquiry by email or the form above …



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