Stop Being Scared! Dietary Saturated Fats/Cholesterol Are Good

Saturated fats are bad. Dietary cholesterol leads to heart diseases. The rise of the industry of low fat dietary products has been meticulously built on misinformation given to general public. As a result, rather than getting fit, people are fatter than ever, lazier than ever and are more vulnerable to heart diseases and diabetes. With this article, you will learn the real science behind fats and the dietary cholesterol.

Eat Fats!

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When humans were mere hunters and gatherers, naturally occurring fats and the animal proteins derived from eggs and meat were the only source for survival and energy. In short, saturated fats were the primary source of energy. Carbohydrates, of course, came into the picture quite later, as they are not naturally occurring but primarily man-made. Even when the dietary cholesterol and saturated fats were so high in the diet at that time, there were hardly any cases of diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. Deaths used to be either natural or due to animal attacks.

When Humans Started ‘Manufacturing’ Carbohydrates

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The propaganda began when humans started agriculture. Carbs were now introduced to human life. Least did anybody know that it will spread like an endemic. And rightly so, it did. Carbohydrates made for a filling meal. Of course, tasted better and was widely marketed by multinational companies. Fast forward to the present time and we are slaves to carb intake.

The ‘False’ Study That Demonized Saturated Fats And Cholesterol

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It was in late 1950s when Dr. Ancel Keysone, an US scientist, conducted a research and concluded that consuming high saturated fats leads to increase in cholesterol, which further, leads to heart disease and obesity. He somehow managed to convince the officials of the US dietary guidelines to accept his false study. It took no time for people to fall for this false study. Corporations had a golden opportunity now and the trend of low fat diet products went through the roof. People fell for what they read on the covers faster than they would ever walk on a treadmill. Soon, scientists observed that even after the high consumption of low fat and zero cholesterol dietary products the rate of heart disease and obesity cases were constantly on a rise. At this point, Keysone’s study was widely called into doubt.

The Researches That Show The Truth

Thanks to the advancement in science, many concrete researches came to light, proving the fact that consuming high saturated fat and dietary cholesterol does not affect blood cholesterol. In fact, there is not even a single scientific research that supports Dr. Ancel’s hypothesis of saturated fats and dietary cholesterol leading to heart issues.

Then What Is causing The Increase In The Rate Of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Obesity?

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Most of the lifestyle diseases came into the existence when humans began the practice of agriculture. The carbohydrates are to be blamed. Studies suggest that the over consumption of carbohydrates (an indirect form of sugar), sedentary lifestyle, stress and pollution are the root causes of these catastrophic diseases.

So Cholesterol And Saturated Fats Are Good For Us?

The answer is yes! The fear of LDL and HDL (which are actually the proteins that carry cholesterol) has made people avoid foods rich in saturated fats. The human body cannot survive without cholesterol, and saturated fats are the most potent source of cholesterol. The real science behind heart diseases is the oxidization of LDL, hugely misunderstood as bad cholesterol. This happens because of high blood sugar and the inflammation in the arteries that further creates plaque and leads to heart attacks. Therefore, the real culprit is not the LDL, but the high blood sugar, that gets oxidized and then the inflammation that further leads to plaque followed by the heart attack.

Hence, consume a good amount of dietary saturated fat from natural sources and stop hanging out with people who say ‘egg yolks make you fat’!

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